In order to ensure compliance with current administrative regulations, we supervise and counsel the legal relationships, the routine formalities, and the negotiations that our clients need to do with the different government offices. Representing these companies before government authorities has enabled us to complete various legal matters and to successfully obtain necessary governmental permits, authorizations, licenses and registries.


In order to comply with the Antitrust laws and regulations in effect since 2014, Counselors International Abogados offers counsel in the structuring of various industrial and commercial activities, acquisitions and sale transactions, and in the mergers and consolidations of our clients. In addition, we counsel on the practices of price control, on the distribution and preparation of compliance handbooks for our clients. We can address these issues because we have participated in various procedures related to monopolist practices as well as with the imposition of sanctions by the Federal Antitrust Commission.

Banking and Financial

In order to solve the complex problems faced by financial and credit institutions, we offer a comprehensive counseling service in banking legislation, which includes areas such as financial structuring, trusts, closing of operations, debt restructuring and structured project financing, as well as financial leasing of equipment, loans, cross border operations, cross border leasing, and the placement of securities in the stock market.

Comunication and Transportation

In these strategic areas, we act as counsel to important companies that deal with passenger and general freight transportation. Our experience in this field includes the participation in co-investment negotiations in the different strategic sectors of commercial transportation, and in the bidding process for the domestic infrastructure of transportation.


Full knowledge of the Mexican Constitutional framework is fundamental to the defense of the interests of both individual clients and companies, whether domestic or foreign. Convinced of the above, the Counselors International Abogados team of lawyers is qualified to defend said interests before the proper judicial authorities of our country.

Corporate | Mergers & Acquisitions

At Counselors, the corporate practice is handled by our Corporate Practice Group with a wide experience in planning, drafting, negotiation, and performance of all kinds of operations of those who wish to invest in Mexico. These range from the incorporation, planning and development, acquisition, merging or extinction of corporations (including building projects, joint venture, associations, transfer of technology, and distribution) to the drafting and negotiation of contracts. We always take into account the relevance of both Mexican and Foreign Investment in our country.

Criminal Cases

We represent our clients before Federal, State and Local, Public Prosecutors Offices.


We participate in energy projects, including counseling business that deal with oil, hydrocarbons, gas, electrical sector and power projects, based on renewable energy sources.

We can provide assistance and legal advice comprehending everything from the regulatory point to the commercial, negotiation, financial and corporate aspects of each project.

Environment and Natural Resources

To bring general activities, and especially industrial operations, in line with the preservation of the environment, and to comply with the Mexican Environmental Regulations, we provide specialized technical legal counseling, from the pre-operational stage of projects to their completion, including coordination procedures for the launching of new projects, evaluation of current ones, and legal audits of the production centers with specific emphasis on environmental impact, waste, air, water, soil and risk activities, hazardous activities synergistic fields, and natural resources, among others. We also emphasize preparation for issues related to the inspection and supervision of the environmental authorities in the three different government levels, in order to properly defend the rights of our clients.

Export Programs

Counselors has the experience and the geographical range to counsel various domestic and foreign companies in choosing and obtaining the most adequate Export Promotion Program for their needs [Prosec, Assembly plants/ IMMEX (Maquila)], as well as in renewing and complying with their requirements.

Foreign Trade and Customs

The lawyers of our firm who specialize in international trade offer counsel on the regulations derived from the different trade agreements signed with other countries. We specifically rely on professionals who are up-to-date in handling any kind of business related to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union and other agreements entered into by Mexico, as well as in the field of imports, export controls, certificates of origin, and dumping, among others. In the customs area, we provide several services, such as risk evaluation, government procedures, import quotas, dumping, tariffs, countervailing duties, litigation and registry of active importers, as well as counsel on issues related to other programs of special incentives granted by the Mexican government.


Our Immigration Practice Group acknowledges the need to hire key foreign executives. For that reason, our counseling includes specific solutions for each case in obtaining working visas, residence permits, household goods, and naturalization status.

Intellectual Property and e-Commerce

We have experience in obtaining and registering trademarks, commercial names and patents, in lawsuits regarding disputes and disagreements on intellectual property, in structuring and negotiating technical assistance, franchise agreement and in the protection and defense of confidential information.  We safeguard the rights of our clients in the contractual field and before the proper administrative and judicial authorities.  In addition, we counsel clients in the field of e-commerce, e-hiring contracts, and digital signatures, among other issues.

Labor, Health and Safety

Our Labor and Employment Law Practice Group advises and represents individuals and companies in all kind of labor issues, such as termination of working relations, benefits, hiring, collective labor agreements, and negotiations with unions. In addition, we have experience in planning, drafting and implementing profit sharing plans, benefits, internal labor regulations and employer substitution agreements. In order for companies to efficiently manage their employer/employee relationships, we offer guidelines on the requirements stipulated in the Mexican Federal Labor Law and on those related to health and safety in the workplace.

We also have an active participation in the Labor Courts, through the litigation of individual and collective disputes on behalf of our clients.

Litigation and Commercial Arbitration

We have the technical and professional resources necessary to represent our clients, from the collection of all types of debts to the most complex cases of litigation and arbitration, before state or federal courts or any administrative or commercial entity such as the International Chamber of Commerce, the American Arbitration Association, and the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, among others.


Counselors offers assistance in applying for exploration and exploitation for mining licenses, in paying taxes and in filing work reports, among other activities related to mining. We represent domestic and foreign companies in the negotiation and structuring of co-investments for mining operations.

Pharmaceutical Industry and Health

Our Attorney’s counsel clients on those activities subject to sanitary control. We mainly advice and represent companies that deal with the production, importation and distribution of foods, chemicals, medical instruments, pharmaceutical and veterinary products, toxic substances, pesticides and fertilizers who need to obtain sanitary authorizations for the sale, importation, exportation, and labeling of their products.

Public Bids and Privatizations

The purpose of legal counsel in this area is to carry out a correct structuring of the bid and to comply with the requirements of the banking and real estate regulations, which will ensure the successful participation of our clients in the bidding process. In this sense, Counselors plays a leading role in the defense of the rights of the bidders, as well as in the negotiations with the relevant government authorities including the planning, negotiation, structuring, and implementation of the privatization processes.

Real Estate

In cooperation with construction professionals and environmental advisors, we analyze and reduce risks implied in the transactions related to the purchase, transfer, or lease of real estate. This includes the legal and environmental aspects for the acquisition and sale, transfer, financing, development and construction of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate.

Social Security and Employee Benefits

Today’s highly competitive Business environment and mobile workforce demand a legal partner with the broadbased experience, specialized know-how and proven creativity to design, implement and help maintain benefit and executive compensation programs that forge stronger relationships with the valued employees you have today and those you hope to attract tomorrow.

We offer comprehensive counseling in planning issues related to the payment of payroll taxes and employee social and medical benefits [Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Employees Housing Fund (INFONAVIT), and Retirement Savings plan (SAR), among others]. In addition, we are also involved in the defense of companies before the relevant authorities.


Counselors offers a comprehensive counseling service for tax planning, day to day operation and litigation; it covers all tax aspects, state, municipal and federal, and includes specific issues such as Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Asset Tax, Transfer Pricing and International Tax Treaties, among others.


We represent individuals and legal entities in the structuring, negotiation and implementation of the acquisition of hotels, the development of tourist areas, marinas, golf courses, and real estate development for personal or business purposes in the main tourist areas of Mexico. Counselors has represented both Mexican and Foreign hotel chains, private investment groups, and operators in negotiation of franchise and operating contracts with international hotel enterprises.